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Birth Chart


Venus in Aquarius  

You are friendly with people but sometimes you find it difficult to form close relationships. You prefer friends who are somehow exciting and different.You enjoy being popular and you work well with other people in group projects and team efforts. You understand immediately what is good for the group and can adjust your own goals to fit.
Capricorn Rising  
A practical person, you are reserved but also ambitious. You want to achieve something of significance in this world, and you are willing to work to achieve it.It isn't easy for you to just relax and play, and as you get older, this will be even more of a problem.Your parents are very important to you, especially your father, and a good relationship with them will bring out the best in you. Oddly enough, people with Capricorn rising have a very good sense of humor, in fact they are able to make fun of themselves.
Moon in Sagittarius  
You are an idealist who wants the world to be grand and good and beautiful. You want people to be good and noble and are very disappointed when they are not.You are so concerned with the important things in life that sometimes you forget about little matters that really have to be done. You are very independent and resent anyone who tries to keep you from doing what you want.You are optimistic and cheerful, and you can't stay sad for very long. Usually you feel good about life, and you try to make others around you feel that way also. People will like you for this.When you are an adult, you will be interested in any subject that teaches you more about the universe and your place in it.
Saturn in Scorpio  
This placement indicates that deep and intense psychological change may be very difficult for you to withstand. You may try to ignore it or to repress the energies that come from deep inside you. You must try very hard to understand what is motivating you and to accept it, whatever it is. In fact, you must work very hard to accept all aspects of your character no matter how strange they seem.Also, you may be reluctant to express your true feelings, because you prefer to keep an outward appearance of calm and control. But this is not always good for you, because everyone needs to release their feelings from time to time, especially while you are young. On the plus side, when you are under intense pressure, you can show your emotions and still be more in control of them than most people. That can be very helpful when the going gets rough.
Pluto in the Tenth House  10th hs
You have a great need to be a leader among your friends, for you want to make changes and to be a person who others consider important. But in order to be a successful leader, you must learn to be more patient and to work within the rules. If you persist in doing everything your way, without thinking of the rules, you will encounter such opposition from others that you will lose everything you seem to be winning.Pluto in this position signifies that your life work will involve changing the world around you, perhaps rebuilding and reforming circumstances or repairing things that have become worn out and making them useful again. This placement may also signify work that helps heal and rebuild people, such as medicine or psychiatry.
Saturn in the Eleventh House  11th hs
It may be difficult for you to get along with groups of people your own age. You tend to be a loner who prefers to be by yourself. You feel that other people's interests are opposed to yours or that others demand of you far more than you get from them.But you benefit from associations with older people, often quite a bit older. Your serious attitude makes it easier for you to understand older people than people your own age. Although you have ideals, they are very much suppressed by your need to be practical and realistic.You may not have many friendships in your life, but the ones you do have will be deep and long-lasting. Not especially social, you are much happier with a small group of close friends than in a large group.
Uranus in the Twelfth House  12th hs
You tend to suppress your feelings of individuality in favor of living up to others' expectations. However, you must learn to be yourself as well, because secretly you resent holding yourself back. Part of you wants to be free and different, to live an exciting and unusual life.When you are alone in your own world of your imagination, or when you go off someplace to be alone, you live out your inner desires to be free and daring.Some persons with this placement suppress the drive to be a unique and different individual so much that the energy comes out only in compulsive behavior and sudden actions that don't make sense to anyone. If you have this problem, you must learn to get in touch with the part of yourself that yearns to be free. Don't be afraid to express this side of yourself; it isn't that bad.
Moon in the Twelfth House  12th hs
You are rather unwilling to talk about your feelings with others, because you feel that they won't understand you or won't think well of you. Often you feel that no one should see the real you, but that is not true.You have a great need for emotional security, but you often feel you won't get it. But even though it is difficult for you to trust people on an emotional level, you do like to help others. You may pretend that you are not really generous and helpful, but in fact you are.Often this position means that you like to fantasize and daydream.
Sun in the Twelfth House  12th hs
A shy person, you prefer to stay in the background if possible; in fact, you like to hide.You have more compassion for others than most young people do. You love mysteries and secrets, imagination and fantasy.You may have had an extremely painful experience when you were very young. If so, you may think it was a punishment for something that you did, and you may be afraid that it will happen again. In fact, whatever happened was an accident for which nobody is to blame. You are not a bad person, and there is no reason why it should happen again.When you grow up, you will probably have an unusual understanding of the supernatural.Getting up in front of an audience will probably never be easy, although you can learn to do it if you really want to.
Neptune in the Twelfth House  12th hs
You are unusually sympathetic to people's problems, simply because you are able to feel what they feel and thereby understand their suffering. You are very reluctant to cause pain to any living thing, and you are as considerate of animals as of people. A very sensitive person, you immediately pick up impressions from others, which allows you to get to know someone quite well, even without many words.You are likely to take an interest in religious and spiritual ideals and the supernatural. It seems to you quite obvious that there is more to this world than is apparent, and you need very much to get in touch with those hidden aspects.
Mercury in the Twelfth House  12th hs
You are fond of secrets and often keep your thoughts hidden from others, because you feel it is better if they don't know what you're thinking. Just be careful that you don't make this attitude so plain that people start distrusting you, even when there is no reason to.You may be afraid to tell people your ideas because you think they are no good or that everyone will disagree with them. This is not good, because your ideas are probably not at all bad. Your mind is as good as anyone else's, but you will not get any credit for your beliefs unless you learn to speak up.You like to be alone and ponder your own thoughts, even if you don't share them with others. You are especially fond of beautiful and fantastic ideas. Just be careful not to spend so much time in your private fantasy world that you neglect to learn about the real world outside of your head.
Jupiter in the First House  1st hs
With this placement you are able to make a favorable impression on others because of what you really are, that is, someone who enjoys life, who does everything in a big way, who is generous and helps others.You enjoy being free to have as many kinds of experiences as possible. You want your own world to be large, and you want to see as many different parts of the world as possible.The main difficulty with this aspect is that you tend to do things to excess. You don't like anything to be small, including your own actions, so it is easy to overindulge in just about anything, which increases the danger of becoming overweight.You like to take care of people and protect your loved ones, because it makes you feel good about yourself and reinforces your self-image. You want to be known as someone who can be depended upon to help in times of need.
Mars in the Second House  2nd hs
When you see something you would like to own, you want it very much and you work very hard to get it. You feel you should be free to waste your resources or money if you want, or to be frugal and careful if you want. However, because of the compulsive nature of Mars, you are much more likely to be careless in this regard. Plan carefully for what you really need and then buy it only after much consideration.Anyone who challenges your strong sense of property arouses your anger. It is not that you are selfish especially, but you want to make your gifts freely, of your own accord.In the long run you will have to learn to be less possessive of what you own. Otherwise your possessions will bring you more pain than pleasure.

“Birth Chart”

  1. Blogger Zamri Says:

    Saturn in Scorpio. That's so me. Nak copy yg part ni. =)

  2. Blogger Sis AI Says:

    Err, ok. Sy mmg agk snang blend dgn org. Tp serius, lngsung tak prefer sgt kwn rapat. For me, friends come, friends go. That's it.

  3. Blogger MORIBAYU Says:

    Zamri~Errrr..ini me punya 'birth chart' lah. :-)

  4. Blogger MORIBAYU Says:

    Sis Al~Yups,kawan dan pergi.Jika mereka 'setia' mereka akan tinggal dan temankan kita sebentar.

  5. Blogger alhariesz Says:

    although no one's perfect, yet 'kesempurnaan' foto itu gambaran sebenar siapa kamu megat

    perincian foto itu sangat awesome.

  6. Blogger MORIBAYU Says:

    Alhariez~Ada orang kata,me terlalu 'sempurna'.Ada yang kata 'terlalu kompleks'.Tak kurang juga,yang berkata 'Terlalu ortodoks'.

    yang benar.

    me tak pernah pun tahu.
    Me sepatutnya jadi apa.

  7. Blogger alhariesz Says:

    asalkan kamu selesa 'dalam kulit kamu sendiri' [direct translation], pedulikan apa kata mereka...

    kamu adalah kamu.

    hidup kamu, jalan kamu.


  8. Blogger MORIBAYU Says:

    Alhariez~Terima kasih ya.

    ini bernar-benar bermakna untuk me.