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School of Truth - Hafez

Aku memang suka dengan hasil-hasil puisi , tulisan si Hafez dari Persia. Dan ini, adalah di antara puisi beliau , yang akan sentiasa menjadi kesukaan aku. Aku tak tahu mengapa . Tapi , setiap kali aku membaca dan menghayatinya.Aku dapat merasakan jiwa dan roh ini , seolah terbuai terbang ke awan.Hati aku mula berubah ... meretak sayu.Bait-bait perkataan yang dikarang, benar-benar mengusik perasaan , utk pergi dan hanyut, Dalam mencari sedikit cinta- Nya. Mungkin .. kerana saat beliau menulis puisi ini , hati beliau sentiasa lemas dengan rasa ....." I k h l a s "

School of Truth

O fool, do something, so you won't just stand there looking dumb.
If you are not traveling and on the road, how can you call yourself a guide?

In the School of Truth, one sits at the feet of the Master of Love.
So listen, son, so that one day you may be an old father, too!

All this eating and sleeping has made you ignorant and fat;
By denying yourself food and sleep, you may still have a chance.

Know this: If God should shine His lovelight on your heart,
I promise you'll shine brighter than a dozen suns.

And I say: wash the tarnished copper of your life from your hands;
To be Love's alchemist, you should be working with gold.

Don't sit there thinking; go out and immerse yourself in God's sea.
Having only one hair wet with water will not put knowledge in that head.

For those who see only God, their vision
Is pure, and not a doubt remains.

Even if our world is turned upside down and blown over by the wind,
If you are doubtless, you won't lose a thing.

O Hafiz, if it is union with the Beloved that you seek,
Be the dust at the Wise One's door, and speak!

“School of Truth - Hafez”

  1. Blogger green Says:

    green like this *thumbs up*

  2. Blogger alhariesz Says:

    adore & obey thy Creator, for He made thee small, yet significant with His abundant loveth...like a dust in front of a giant shining door... ;)

  3. Blogger MORIBAYU Says: