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By Abu Nuwas

I die of love for him, perfect in every way,
Lost in the strains of wafting music.
My eyes are fixed upon his delightful body
And I do not wonder at his beauty.
His waist is a sapling, his face a moon,
And loveliness rolls off his rosy cheek
I die of love for you, but keep this secret:
The tie that binds us is an unbreakable rope.
How much time did your creation take, O angel?
So what! All I want is to sing your praises.... ~ by Abu Nuwas

“By Abu Nuwas”

  1. Anonymous atoi Says:

    three letter words i give ya


    cant wait for others,dude.

  2. Blogger Ajami Hashim Says:

    hepi nu yer bro! smoga tawun 2009 kau jumpa CINTA SEJATI katanyaa! muahhh!

  3. Anonymous Ahmad Azwa Kamaruddin Says:

    adakah ini satu luahan perasaan cik megat? your artsy nature is very interesting. neway, nice picture u drew there. mcm u tgh screaming gituh! dengan penuh perasaan dan air mata lagi. satu lagi, although "diam itu indah", kalau terus diam, message takkan sampai kan? so luahkanlah yg dipendam dalam hati. best of luck in 2009. happy new year. salam.

  4. Anonymous haf Says:

    nuthing much to say other than fabulous....
    really admire ur art talent...

    happy new year to u...
    semoga semua hasrat di kecapi tahun yg baru ni....

    happy selalu..:)

  5. Blogger Duke Luce Dell'amore Says:

    happy newyear megat@mr.plukis!

  6. Blogger fadz Says:

    i love ur works! epi new year!

  7. Blogger Nad'Nadia Says:

    lebih baik diam dari bercakap tp menyakitkan hati...

  8. Blogger al-hussaini Says:

    ye..kdg2 diam itu indah..
    namun jgn dipendamkan sgt..
    kelak terluka hati & perasaan..

  9. Blogger Muhammad Says: